The Association

AISC – Italian Association of Cognitive Sciences

The Italian Association of Cognitive Sciences aims at promoting research and empirical approaches within the purview of cognitive sciences in Italy. Cognitive sciences entail an interdisciplinary approach to the study of behavior and the mind which acknowledges the “added value” of overcoming the boundaries of single disciplines concerned with behavior and human cognitive abilities. To this end, the Association seeks to compare and bring together approaches , methods, theoretical frameworks and empirical data from different research domains. Owing to their interdisciplinary approach, cognitive sciences draw upon psychology, linguistics, social sciences, neurosciences, biological sciences, information technology, artificial intelligence, mathematics, physics and philosophy. They also build a relationship between the study of cognitive and behavioral capabilities in humans and in their societies, and the replication of these behaviors and capabilities in artificial systems, with a view to better understanding natural and social phenomena, as well as creating innovative technologies. The Italian Association of Cognitive Sciences pursuits its aims at organizing annual scientific conferences on general themes as well as workshops and meetings on specific themes and training activities. It also establishes contacts with other initiatives and activities in the field/s of cognitive sciences in Italy and beyond.