S-Cube project

About the S-Cube project


Four European partners are working on the S-cube project, funded by the European Union Leonardo Transfer of Innovation Fund to develop online role play training which will help Social Enterprises improve soft skills.

This two year project is led by Plymouth University (Plymouth, UK) and supported by Federico II (University of Naples, Italy), Cork Institute of Technology (Cork, Ireland) and GeProS (a Dieburg based German Consultancy Company) to develop state of the art e-learning scenarios that will allow significant numbers of people working in social enterprises to access a training resource which will improve soft skills and subsequently enhance their organisations capabilities.  Soft skills, also known as interpersonal or people skills, include team working, negotiation, time management, communication, active listening, assertiveness and proactivity.

The name S-cube represents the three S’s associated with this project, namely: Soft Skills for Social enterprises.¬† This project aims to design learning scenarios tailored for social enterprises training needs by using educational role play simulation games; trialling the software in European Union social enterprises; evaluating the effectiveness of this training product, and disseminating it across social enterprises and other similar organisations in the EU.

This project will deliver an online training product for use in social enterprises and other small to medium and not-for-profit organisations.