AISCmid-term2018 – GENOVA

25-27 June 2018 – Genova, Italy

The Midterm AISC Conference 2018 (Genova, June 25-27) is focused on how different levels of cognition are identified, examined, and related one to the other. The concept of level, which is widespread both in psychological and biological sciences, is also pivotal for cognitive science. It is generally assumed that living beings are characterized by a hierarchy of distinct levels, such as the atomic, the molecular, the cellular, the neural, the psychological, or the social levels. But what levels should be considered to better understand cognition? What is the relationship between all those levels? Are they just mere levels of analysis, or rather levels of the organization of reality, describing the real structure of cognitive systems? Are levels a necessary theoretical instrument, or rather a confounding metaphor? Does mechanistic explanation, which is widespread in cognitive sciences, make any sense without the distinction among levels? Can the notion of level be grounded into mechanistic explanation?

Areas of interest include, but are not limited to:

embodied and grounded cognition
4E cognition
cognitive psychology
social cognition
cognitive robotics
cognitive architecture
cognitive modeling
artificial intelligence and cognition
cognitive neurosciences
language and cognition
language representation and comprehension
cognition and simulation
cognitive linguistics
philosophy of cognitive science
philosophy of neuroscience
history of cognitive science
philosophy of mind and cognition
cognitive ontology
epistemology and cognitive science


Cristina Becchio 
(University of Turin)
William Bechtel (University of California, San Diego)
Giuseppe Boccignone (University of Milan)
Laila Craighero (University of Ferrara)
Tobias Schlicht (Ruhr University, Bochum)


We invite submissions for paper presentations and symposia.

Papers: Paper presentations will be allowed 30 minutes including discussion. Abstracts may be written in English or Italian, and they should not exceed 500 words including references. Authors should submit through EasyChair at the following link:

The Conference Committee reserves the right to offer poster presentations instead of full paper presentations for some of the abstracts, in light of the reviews’ results.

We are planning to publish a selection of the papers accepted and presented in an edited volume or in a special issue of a journal.

Symposia: Symposium proposals should be submitted via Easychair and should be no longer than 1500 words (including references). Every proposal should include: title, names, affiliations and contact details of the organizers and speakers, and a short explanation of the symposium aim. Organizers should submit through EasyChair at the following link:


Submission deadline
: March 30, 2018
Accept/reject date notification: April 15, 2018
Conference dates: June 25-27, 2018

For information please write to:

Program Committee (provisional)
Cristina Amoretti (chair), University of Genoa
Filippo Domaneschi (co-chair), University of Genoa
Fabio Paglieri, ISTC-CNR, Rome
Gabriella Airenti, University of Turin
Francesco Bianchini, University of Bologna
Marco Cruciani, University of Trento
Vincenzo Crupi, University of Turin
Marcello Frixione, University of Genoa
Francesco Gagliardi, Italian Association of Cognitive Sciences
Mattia Gallotti, London School of Economics
Alberto Greco, University of Genoa
Antonio Lieto, University of Turin
Carlo Penco, University of Genoa
Pietro Perconti, University of Messina
Marco Elio Tabacchi, University of Palermo

Local Committee
Cristina Amoretti, DAFIST, University of Genoa
Filippo Domaneschi, DISFOR, University of Genoa
Marcello Frixione, DAFIST, University of Genoa
Antonio Lieto, University of Turin