AISC 2018 – IUSS Pavia

AISC 2018
IUSS Pavia
15th Annual Conference of the Italian Association for Cognitive Sciences
The new era of Artificial Intelligence: a cognitive perspective
December 17-19, 2018
IUSS, P.zza Vittoria 15, Pavia

Big data, machine learning, AI algorithms are intensely disputed and acclaimed nowadays. Currently we are assisting to growing investments in computational models simulating neurocognitive functions (e.g. the Human Brain Project) and this trend will probably be enhanced in the near future (Communication Artificial Intelligence for Europe, 25 April 2018) especially in the fields of Machine Learning and Robotics.

What is the role of Cognitive Science in this debate?

The AISC Conference 2018 will focus on this topic, (re)discussing the new idea of AI (as compared to the one historically proposed by McCarthy, Minsky, Brooks, Lenat, Rumelhart and McClelland among others) bringing into discussion ideas from Neurocognition, Epistemology and formal Linguistics among other relevant Cognitive Science sub-fields.

Topics of interests include, but are not limited to:

  • 4E cognition
  • artificial intelligence and cognition
  • cognition and simulation
  • cognitive architecture
  • cognitive modeling
  • cognitive neurosciences
  • cognitive ontology
  • cognitive psychology
  • cognitive robotics
  • computational linguistics
  • embodied and grounded cognition
  • epistemology
  • ethics of AI and roboethics
  • formal linguistics
  • history of cognitive science
  • logic and argumentation
  • natural and artificial consciousness
  • neuroethics
  • neurolinguistics
  • philosophy of cognitive science
  • philosophy of mind and cognition
  • philosophy of neuroscience
  • psycholinguistics
  • social cognition
  • theory of syntax


Prof. Roberto Zamparelli
(Università degli Studi di Trento)
Prof. Alfredo Paternoster
(University of Bergamo)
Prof. Rita Manzini
(University of Florence)
Prof. Marcello Massimini
(Università degli Studi di Milano)
Prof. Silvestro Micera
(Scuola superiore Sant’Anna Pisa)
Prof. Gabriella Vigliocco
Prof. Charles Yang
(University of Pennsylvania)

Conference Programme


Authors should submit through EasyChair:

Paper presentations will be 30 minutes long including discussion. Abstracts may be written in English or Italian, and they should not exceed 500 words including references.

The Conference Committee reserves the right to offer poster presentations instead of full paper presentations for some of the abstracts, in light of the reviews’ results.

We are planning to publish a selection of the papers accepted and presented in an edited volume or in a special issue of a journal.

Symposium proposals should be submitted via EasyChair and should be no longer than 1500 words (including references). Every proposal should include: title, names, affiliations and contact details of the organizers and speakers, and a short explanation of the symposium aim.


Submission deadline (EXTENDED): September 24, 2018
Accept/reject date notification: October 15, 2018
Conference dates: December 17-19, 2018

For information please write to

Conference registration information:

IMPORTANT! Proof of registration must be sent to the conference organizers asap (, in order to complete the registration process. Sending such proof only to the AISC Treasurer or Secretary is not sufficient to register.

Conference dinner is scheduled on
Tuesday 18th December 2018.
Reservation is strongly recommended.

Local Committee
Michele Di Francesco, Andrea Moro, Giulia Piredda, Alfredo Tomasetta,
Paolo Canal, Eleonora Catricalà, Cristiano Chesi.

IUSS pavia
Palazzo del Broletto, Sala del Camino
Piazza Vittoria 15
Pavia (ITALY)+39-382-375840