AISC midterm 2019 – Lucca

AISC midterm conference 2019
From brain to behavior: neuroscience and the social sciences
Wednesday, May 22nd– Friday, May 24th
IMT School for Advanced Studies Lucca


The 2019 Italian Association of Cognitive Science (AISC) midterm Conference will be held in Lucca on May 22nd-24th and will be hosted by the IMT School for Advanced Studies Lucca. We welcome contributions from any area of cognitive science, with special emphasis on the interaction between disciplines studying the brain/mind and the social sciences (broadly understood).

In recent years, the exploration of the cognitive and neurobiological foundations of rational behavior and decision-making has undergone significant changes and has raised methodological and theoretical challenges in many fields, including philosophy, psychology, economics, linguistics, computer science, and ethics. Cognitive neuroscience, behavioral economics, and other approaches like neuroeconomics and neuroethics are casting new light on traditional issues while also raising additional problems and questions.

We are interested in exploring questions such as: How can neuroscience inform research on phenomena such as social behavior, norms, and institutions? What can we learn about these phenomena from computational models? Which challenges do cognitive science raise to established theoretical frameworks, and what new paths do they open? How do cognitive and social sciences fields interact? Is there (or could there be) a common language through which the findings from one field can be made relevant to other disciplines? Are cognitive and social sciences incommensurable to some degree? Should psychology take the middle ground between brain data and social sciences, or can there be a direct ‘leap’ from brain to (economic, moral, etc.) behavior?


The conference will take place in the newly restored San Francesco Complex, located within the IMT School for Advanced Studies’ campus in Lucca. IMT is a public university and research center and one of Italy’s six Schools of Excellence, with a focus on neuroscience, (behavioral) economics and the analysis of complex systems.

Areas of interest

We accept submission in all areas of cognitive science, including (but not limited to):

  • cognitive neuroscience
  • neuroanatomical foundations of behavior
  • neuroeconomics
  • behavioral economics
  • cognitive economics
  • reasoning, rationality and cognition
  • epistemology and philosophy of science
  • artificial intelligence and cognition
  • neuroethics
  • neurolinguistics
  • collective behavior and collective rationality
  • complex and distributed systems
  • language and cognition
  • language representation and comprehension
  • cognitive psychology
  • psychology of reasoning
  • social cognition
  • cognitive robotics
  • cognitive architecture
  • cognitive modeling
  • cognition and simulation
  • cognitive linguistics
  • embodied and grounded cognition
  • philosophy of cognitive science
  • philosophy of neuroscience
  • philosophy of mind and cognition
  • philosophy of language
  • cognitive ontology
  • history of cognitive science

Confirmed invited speakers

Carlos Alós-Ferrer
(University of Zurich)
Sarah Genon
(Institute of Neurosciences and Medicine, Jülich)
Francesco Guala
(University of Milan)
Marco Tamietto
(University of Turin, University of Tilburg, University of Oxford)

Important dates

Submission deadline EXTENDED: March 8th, 2019 (before midnight)
Conference dates: May 22nd – 24th
For information please contact:
Authors should submit their proposals through EasyChair:


Paper presentations will be 35 minutes long including discussion. Abstracts should be written in English and should not exceed 500 words including references.
The Conference Committee reserves the right to offer poster presentations instead of full paper presentations for some of the abstracts, in light of the reviews’ considerations.


Symposium proposals should be no longer than 1500 words (including references). Every proposal should include: title, names, affiliations, contact details of the organizers and speakers, and a short explanation of the symposium’s aim.


The conference registration fee is 30€. Please register before May 13th, 2019, using the registration form that can be downloaded from the conference website ( The conference dinner will cost 35€.

Please notice that in order to attend the conference, it is also mandatory to register as members of AISC ( However, reduced fees apply to those who attend the conference: 30€ for non-faculties, 70€ for faculties.


Scientific Committee

Gustavo Cevolani
(chair, IMT School for Advanced Studies Lucca)
Emiliano Ricciardi
(co-chair, IMT School for Advanced Studies Lucca)
Ennio Bilancini
(co-chair, IMT School for Advanced Studies Lucca)
Gabriella Airenti
(University of Turin)
Cristina Amoretti
(University of Genoa)
Giulia Andrighetto
(ISTC-CNR, Rome)
Pierluigi Barrotta
(University of Pisa)
Francesco Bianchini
(University of Bologna)
Fabrizio Calzavarini
(University of Turin)
Raffaella Campaner
(University of Bologna)
Marco Cruciani
(University of Trento)
Vincenzo Crupi
(University of Turin)
Luisa Damiano
(University of Messina)
Edoardo Datteri
(University of Milan Bicocca)
Francesca D’Errico
(University of Roma Tre)
Filippo Domaneschi
(University of Genoa)
Mario De Caro
(University of Roma Tre)
Francesco Gagliardi
(Italian Association of Cognitive Sciences)
Mirko Garasic
(UNESCO Chair in Bioethics and Human Rights)
Alessandro Innocenti
(University of Siena)
Andrea Lavazza
(Centro Universitario Internazionale, Arezzo, Italy)
Antonio Lieto
(University of Turin)
Nicola Lattanzi
(IMT School for Advanced Studies Lucca)
Matteo Motterlini
(University of Milan San Raffaele)
Fabio Paglieri
(ISTC-CNR, Rome)
Pietro Pietrini
(IMT School for Advanced Studies Lucca)
Alessandra Rampinini
(IMT School for Advanced Studies Lucca)
Massimo Riccaboni
(IMT School for Advanced Studies Lucca)
Raffaella Rumiati
(SISSA Trieste)
Giacomo Sillari
(LUISS Rome)
Corrado Sinigaglia
(University of Milan)
Guglielmo Tamburrini
(University of Naples)
Riccardo Viale
(University of Milano Bicocca, LUISS Rome)
Marco Viola
(University of Turin)

Organizing Committee

Gustavo Cevolani
(chair, IMT Lucca)
Ennio Bilancini
(co-chair, IMT Lucca)
Emiliano Ricciardi
(co-chair, IMT Lucca)
Fabrizio Calzavarini
Marco Viola