AISC 2019 – Roma Tre

XVI AISC Annual Conference 2019
Wednesday, December 11th – Friday, December 13th, 2019
Università degli Studi di Roma Tre, via Ostiense 234

Final programme available for download in PDF

Presentation & venue
The 2019 Italian Association of Cognitive Science (AISC) annual conference will be held in Rome on December 11th-13th and will be hosted by the Department of Philosophy, Communication and Performing Arts of the University of Roma Tre. The conference will take place in the campus of the University of Roma Tre, located in via Ostiense 234, near Rome city center and 5-minute walk from the metro station Marconi (line B). The University of Roma Tre is a public university, with an excellent track record both in research and education.

Confirmed invited speakers
Elsa Addessi (ISTC-CNR Rome)
Valentina Bambini (IUSS Pavia)
Maria Bigoni (University of Bologna)
Jean Francois Bonnefon (University of Toulouse)
Simona Cabib (Sapienza University, Rome)
Vincenzo Crupi (University of Turin)
Agnieszka Wykowska (IIT Genoa)

Important dates
New extended submission deadline: September 30th, 2019 (before midnight)
Conference dates: December 11th  – 13th, 2019
Authors should submit their proposals only through EasyChair:
For further information please contact

PAPERS: paper presentations will be 30 minutes long including discussion. Abstracts should be written in English and should not exceed 500 words including references. The Conference Committee reserves the right to offer poster presentations instead of full paper presentations for some of the abstracts, in light of the reviews’ considerations.
SYMPOSIA: symposium proposals should be no longer than 1500 words (including references). Every proposal should include: title, names, affiliations, contact details of the organizers and speakers, and a short explanation of the symposium’s aim.

Areas of interest
We welcome submissions in all areas of cognitive science, including (but not limited to):

  • artificial intelligence and cognition
  • behavioral economics
  • cognition and simulation
  • cognitive architecture
  • cognitive economics
  • cognitive ethology & comparative psychology
  • cognitive linguistics
  • cognitive modeling
  • cognitive neuroscience
  • cognitive ontology
  • cognitive psychology
  • cognitive robotics
  • collective behavior and collective rationality
  • complex and distributed systems
  • embodied and grounded cognition
  • epistemology and philosophy of science
  • history of cognitive science
  • language and cognition
  • language representation and comprehension
  • neuroanatomical foundations of behavior
  • neuroeconomics
  • neuroethics
  • neurolinguistics
  • philosophy of cognitive science
  • philosophy of language
  • philosophy of mind and cognition
  • philosophy of neuroscience
  • psychology of reasoning
  • reasoning, rationality and cognition
  • social cognition

Registering as members of AISC is mandatory to attend the conference, and proof of registration must be sent in advance to the conference organizers via email ( Registration fees are indicated on the AISC website (, while the conference dinner will cost 30€: when sending proof of registration to the organizers, make sure to specify clearly whether you have paid also for the conference dinner or not. Please register and notify the organizers before November 15th, 2019, and make sure to comply with the instructions provided on the AISC registration webpage – including the need to send a notification with a personal email address also to the AISC Secretary, Filippo Domaneschi (, and the payment receipt to the AISC Treasurer, Francesco Bianchini (

Organizing Committee
Fabio Paglieri (co-chair, ISTC-CNR Roma)
Francesco Ferretti (co-chair, University of Roma Tre)
Ines Adornetti (University of Roma Tre)
Daniela Altavilla (University of Roma Tre)
Alessandro Ansani (University of Roma Tre / Sapienza Università di Roma)
Alessandra Chiera (University of Roma Tre)
Erica Cosentino (University of Roma Tre)
Francesca D’Errico (University of Roma Tre)
Silvia Felletti (ISTC-CNR Roma)
Marco Marini (ISTC-CNR Roma / Sapienza Università di Roma)
Viviana Masia (University of Roma Tre)
Serena Nicchiarelli (University of Roma Tre)
Isabella Poggi (University of Roma Tre)

Logistical coordination
Alessandro Acciai (University of Roma Tre)
Valentina Deriu (University of Roma Tre)

Scientific Committee
Gabriella Airenti (University of Turin)
Cristina Amoretti (University of Genoa)
Giulia Andrighetto (ISTC-CNR Rome)
Francesco Bianchini (University of Bologna)
Ennio Bilancini (IMT School for Advanced Studies Lucca)
Anna Borghi (Sapienza University / ISTC-CNR Rome)
Fabrizio Bracco (University of Genoa)
Fabrizio Calzavarini (University of Turin)
Raffaella Campaner (University of Bologna)
Fausto Caruana (University of Parma)
Cristiano Castelfranchi (ISTC-CNR Rome)
Gustavo Cevolani (IMT School for Advanced Studies Lucca)
Cristiano Chesi (IUSS Pavia)
Marco Cruciani (University of Trento)
Edoardo Datteri (University of Milan Bicocca)
Alexia Delfino (London School of Economics)
Sara Dellantonio (University of Trento)
Filippo Domaneschi (University of Genoa)
Mario De Caro (University of Roma Tre)
Marco Fasoli (University of Milano Bicocca)
Rino Falcone (ISTC-CNR Rome)
Marcello Frixione (University of Genoa)
Francesco Gagliardi (Italian Association of Cognitive Sciences)
Mattia Gallotti (London School of Economics)
Onofrio Gigliotta (Federico II University, Naples)
Elisabetta Lalumera (University of Milano Bicocca)
Andrea Lavazza (Centro Universitario Internazionale, Arezzo, Italy)
Antonio Lieto (University of Turin)
Edoardo Lombardi Vallauri (University of Roma Tre)
Massimo Marraffa (University of Roma Tre)
Orazio Miglino (Federico II University, Naples)
Stefania Moretti (University of Genoa)
Andrea Moro (IUSS Pavia)
Domenico Parisi (ISTC-CNR Rome)
Alfredo Paternoster (University of Bergamo)
Carlo Penco (University of Genoa)
Giovanni Pezzulo (ISTC-CNR Rome)
Giulia Piredda (IUSS Pavia)
Alessio Plebe (University of Messina)
Eugenia Polizzi di Sorrentino (ISTC-CNR Rome)
Pietro Perconti (University of Messina)
Massimo Reichlin (San Raffaele University, Milan)
Emiliano Ricciardi (IMT School for Advanced Studies Lucca)
Vieri Giuliano Santucci (ISTC-CNR Rome)
Sarah Songhorian (San Raffaele University, Milan)
Flaminio Squazzoni (University of Milan)
Marco Elio Tabacchi (University of Palermo)
Pietro Terna (University of Turin)
Luca Tummolini (ISTC-CNR Rome)
Riccardo Viale (University of Milano Bicocca / LUISS Rome)
Marco Viola (University of Turin)